Wednesday, 28 May 2008

RIP- Aisha Saibu

Why did you have to leave so soon?, life has only just begone. You were about to enter med school so i heard but did a car crash have to take your life?...i Can't question the doings of the Lord, because he has taken you to a greater place,far away from this wicked world, better than the storms we have to go through........ i was your friend in High school and you showed me that there are people in this world who still had some good in them!

Now you are gone, but not forgotten, when i heard you were gone on the 23rd of May, i asked myself so many questions as i went home on the train, and it made me count my blessings one by one, anyone could leave this world any minute, of what difference am i........ so we have to make the best of what we have left, am sure you did, because you were an angel, that's why i am not worried about where you are now

Rest in Peace my dear friend, not that i was any closer to you in anyway, but when i heard you were gone, something in me just couldn't take it, it gave me a long hard thought, i couldn't believe it...and i still haven't......

Rest in peace my dear friend, may the Lord be with your family and give them strength to go through this painful times......

Sun re!!!!!

Friday, 23 May 2008

I am Tired!

ahhhh, God it feels great to come on blogsville sometimes, just to chill from all the books,books , books and crazy things i have to deal wiv right now, gosh mehn can the 11th of june come already, like exams done with. :-(

Meanwhile, my new location and hot spot is at my college o, as in the study area or the library.... i spend virtually the whole day there from Mon-Fri, as in am tired, i have to be so done with this ACCA by December,as in i aint playing........ even at that, these preys won't stop giving me jokes, ild leave you with this one! (charizard this is for you-update, call it whatever)

What kind of person meets you for the first time and starts off by asking you if the lip stick you use is a special kind of lipstick?....

And then goes on to say that they have been seeing you around and wondered why your lips were so different...orisirisi

And then tells you its beautiful and can they have some of those lips if no one is having them?

Can u imagine?..Lips, lips, lips..what is it with Lips....psheeeew!!!!

Or what about another guy that asked me how i would feel if i got a job in a top management role, with mad pay, that required me to be at the board? seriously is this dude for real? what's that supposed to mean now!...and so is that supposed to make me date you!....psheew

I guess that's the way people toast people these days ....Lord have Mercy

seriouisly what is it with these kind of men!..haaaa

Geez, can a sister have some rest!

p.s...mummy is here for just a week to give her daughter moral support b4 the exams..i love my mummy!, at least ild run home to food for a while...*wink*

i have so much to tell you guys, but ild spill the beans after exams

*Can someone pls correct me if am wrong....."If you haven't heard from some of your friends in like a month or two, and there is no reason why you shouldn't have...... you know the one's you used to classify as friends!....does that mean they don't care?...and is that enough reason why you shouldn't bother with them, especially when you have tried all you can and it seems like you are forcing them...u dig? seriously something in me is telling that am being selfish , and something is telling me am doing the right thing by staying away!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Just another Day

Sleeping in my room one morning, i heard people coming into my flat with loads of Boxes, these people won't stop, they were moving things into my flat. My house was getting filled up with loads of bags and random things sha. i opened my eyes just a litttle bit and realised they were my cousins along with thier friends moving in, they didn't even say anything to me, i didn't bother to get up because i was too tired to be asked and it didn't click yet

Now the whole house was starting to get filled, beds, bags, buckets, fridge, as in are these people for real?, first of all, how did they get the keys?, who told them they could come and live with me?, what inpetus (in soupa's terms) in i was dazed!..and then next my mum comes in with my brother and my aunt..expecting to find her as surprised as i was, she blotted out that she knew about it and i better accommodated them because this one came from yankee, this one did this, this one did that, bla bla bla

I say to her, but mummy it's only a one bedroom, first how can you not tell me?, secondly this whole place is choked up, i have got exams coming up soon, i need to read, i won't have my privacy?, i would have to sort out keys and everyother thing that comes with strangers living with you?.....she replies, u call them strangers?..hmm. At this point my brother was laughing, but seriously nothing was funny..then i decide to get up, fully awake, and check what these people were even doing....imagine they had the audacity to move my things just to create space..are these people high?, i just flipped, as in i was angry, burnt, grilled, fried, you guess right...... she flipped back, she starts to call me all sorts of names, selfish, inconsiderate, self absorbed, self centered, wetin she no call me o...

I stormed out of the house, couldn't take it anymore, i ran down the stairs, these people were still moving stuff into my flat, wait a minute, is my house some sort of storage?, the one that pained me the most was the fact that these people ignored me o, as in their own was to move in shaaaaaaa

I go back in again and i hear mummy telling my aunt and brother that am just a drama queen, she abused me ehn, i just started crying, sat down to listen to more, i couldn't believe my mum was doing this, i interrupt her, cos i couldn't take it anymore, ahhh my blood vessels starts to contract, i start to cry more and more, and say to her "mummy you do this all the time", she asks me to shut up and not interrupt her, that she cannot understand why i always have to be different and difficult, that if it were to be my brother he would have been more understanding *yeah right*, and moreover dad got the house for me so i had no choice but to listen to her...

I told her she was always partial when it came to my brother, so i wasn't surprised, that she treated him differently, my brother decided to join and tells me to shut up *imagine someone am older than, hmm, although its just a year but so what?, 365 days is no joke at all*....he abused me o,telling me that i had no respect and i was just a pitty case..... both of them just started chanting words on my head, how much of a selfish being i am, it was rather deep, because they even came closer and started saying things like "if you like cry blood*, yes u deserve it....i was pained, i couldn't take it anymore, this isn't the first time i have felt a gang up!..i hated them that very minute, all i just wanted to do was runaway and never see them again

I left thier prescence, my aunt starts to beg me, i start packing, as the tears rolled down my eyes, i was thinking far, i didn't know where i was going to , but i was going, going away from all this madness, what kind of unfair thing is this, as i continued to pack, i could still hear thier voices...abuses, insults upon insults.......

i start to hear "Gongo Aso", i ignore it and then it gets louder, louder, even more louder, where is it coming from?, psheeeeeeeeeeew, my phone,OMG IT WAS A DREAM!, i was dreaming people imagine, woke up with a banging headache, what was that all about?, still a mystery to me!, i reject all these in Jesus name!


Whats puvving people?, my exams are in just two weeks...but i know it is well!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mr ITK...."I too know"!!!!

Ema gba mi ke *save me o*..see me see wahala. ok so i was at a friends lil do some time i met this guy i was sort of chit chating with, and then somewhere along the line Mr itk decides to ask a Question....

Mr Itk: Hum.... Ajike by the way, do u have a boy friend?

Me: Yes i do, why?

Mr ITK: No, nothing major, am just he here, as in this country?

Me: *i start to stutter cos i hate telling people papi is in 9ja, cos the way they react ehn!* um, Nope is in 9ja

Mr Itk: *Rolls eyes, left, right,front,back*....*giggles*...oh seen, ok one of them long distance is it?

Me: *oya kill yourself now* um, yeah sort of but he only just went back home in December..we have been together here for like almost five years sha...*i know slow down don't chop me raw abeg, he didnt ask how many years but i just had to say that jo!..teeheee*

Mr Itk: *takes it personal o, i mean the whole body language, the bobo wan start to dey cry..imagine!..taking panadol for another man's headache*....ehn don't go and be decieved o, let me tell you something, 5 years is no guarantee o, i mean look what happened to the twin towers in US, it was probably built in many years and look how quick it got destroyed...take a chill pill mehn!

Me: *shwoooo!....*what does twin towers have to do with me and papi....whats my own!*...ok Mr thanks for your contribution oooo

Mr Itk: haba, don't take it personal now *smiling sheepishly*. i was just saying cause the way you said the 5 years..hmmm, with all those wild naija babes on the loose, desperados and things....i mean am sure your bf is a man and has blood running through his vains..*laughs again*

Me: *ti mo ba fo e leti -if i slap u*.....ahhh personal ke? o, i know these things too!..

Gosh, people i was so burnt..can u imagine the Nicompoop, telling me Gibberish...Besides my friend said he was heart broken by his thats probably why dude is is that why he is taking it out on me!!!...oshiralaga oshirabogos!!!!

I saw Mr itk recently and he goes....hmm, madam how's our 5 years relationship going?..Abeg Help!!

Just a side off..imagine in one yoruba movie o....someguy asked a girl to turn her front so that he can see her "Tuface"*referring to her boobs* if that was not enough he says she should turn her back so that he can see her "idibia" referring to her *Bum*......Orisirisi!...which one is the Tuface Idibia again!....LOL!...i told one my friends who isn't Yoruba this and she thought i made it up, can u imagine?

I mean am not that

How are u guys though?

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

oh no!!!..ive been tagged

I was tagged by jarrai

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Six quirks about me

I can't stand the sound of counters, iron, cutleries,pots,pans being scratched together or Gosh you know when like someone is trying to get burnt stuff off a pot, it drives me up the walls, my teeth starts to shock me, its crazy even the sound of a chair made out of steel being dragged around makes me loose it..arrrrg!

Hmm this is hard for me to say, i find it embarrassing but deal with it ok!! much milk makes me err err err err..fart fart fart fart, all over the place like ild have a running stomach all day, and trust me you don't want to be around when i release one of my stinks..Gosh i can't believe what am u don't fart too!...hiss...And u know the funny thing i just can't help it..i love Milk, i put so much in my Cerelac, Cereal, Golden mourn *is that how it's spelt*, Custard..hmm, i love it creamy!!!..whatever yes am a baby..oya kill yourself now!!!

I am so vain, i mean i could have walked outta my house, locked my door and decide i need to go back to make sure everything is on hair, how my top stays on my body, my shoes, accessories and it drives papi up the walls anytime i do the "let me check again"..or i pass by what looks like a mirror and i just can't help it but to check again!....Vanity upon Vanity!!!!

I start to speak Grammar when am angry and pissed, even the words i never say on a normal day, and then my intonations change, it's funny. i really don't know why i do that though!..hmm the big big english ehn, go fear u self! start to fone!!! words that i hate to use become very useful!...and am such a cry baby..i cry over the most stupid things...for example i cried the other day, just because i had locked myself out of my house with my keys in there!..psheeeew

Ok i love the smell of sand, dust, the aftermath of rain, i love chalk, anything sandy and dusty..well not the really disgusting dirts o abeg, i am clean..i mean like , ok whatever, i understand what am saying u know! weird like that!!!

Finally...oooohs!....i get sick when i travel long distance, i start to feel like throwing up, At home, when we have to go on long journeys, my mum would have to carry along towels, bowls. buckets just to have me throw up in them on our way and we would have to stop after a while so i can get fresh air..i hate it..arrgggg....travelling sucks..especially on our way to villa!..i just feel so sick!..i still do now, but not as bad as it was b4, may be cause now am in jd and most journeys are shorter..unlike naija where ild have to go to the village by road...*sigh*

so there u go!!!..If u are not pleased with any of my Quirks then peace to u and the middle east!!!..LOL

i tag soupasexy, the perfectionist, tininu, weirdbabe, tiffanycaselady, Tintin!!!!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Emotional Bag

I know i said i may not be putting anymore posts up until after exams..well the word is May!!!!..and not Will...whatever!.....How are u guys doing?

Well Ajike was bright and good until last night when my mum calls me sobbing on the fone

Mummy: Hello Ajike, How are u?

Ajike: Am fine o, u sound down whats wrong?

Mummy: ahhh its your brother again o....u know i told u ure sister dreamt he was arrested?

Ajike: ehen so

Mummy: ahhh your brother has been in detention since last week o, thats why we haven't been able to get to him, he was arrested for fighting with someone...

Ajike:..eeeh what is always wrong with this boy now, i hope he is fine

Mummy: shey fine lan so ni *is it fine we are saying* abi he should not be deported, Your father broke down last night o, he wept, cos he was going on about your brothers carrer going down the drain and how all will be wasted

Ajike: eeeh God, OMG

Mummy: *sob* *sob*.....i have cried and cried and am just praying looking unto God, we are praying for him, so join and pray too...ok, don't let it bother you o

Ajike: *eee no it won't bother me*..i thought in my mind....mummy, it is well...*sniff sniff*..i just hung up and broke down

Not like anything o, am just so worried, like i mean i have witnessed this happen to people around me, but not my own brother...detention ke?..i have cried out my eyes, infact if you see them now they are like scotch egg *don't laugh its not funny jo*

So i can't concentrate when i try to read, i have prayed, prayed, cried, slept, what even makes it worse is that am alone.....well i don't need any other person right now to add to my already complicated life as it is!!..psheeeeeeeeew

But i am hopeful and praying that my brother will come out of this asap and the whole family can be at peace, cos mehn i hate the state ma and pa are in right now!

anyhoo, speak to u later!!!!